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Our Courses
Consistent with our comprehensive approach to Dog Training, we offer a variety of courses.  In addition to  the listed topics, each course includes modules covering specific areas students have requested upon registration.  We keep our courses up to date with the latest research and techniques in the canine world and we're confident that even the most experienced dog parents will gain valuable information by attending our classes.
In fact, it's often the more experienced dog parents who've developed bad habits based on outdated believes that pervade the  dog "ownership" culture
In-home training is offered on its own or as a package deal with one of our courses.   We highly recommend it as the way to get the most out of the skills we teach. Contact us for details.


Dog Training, Snout to Tail
Our most popular course!  
  • Ready to Train: Dog Health and Happiness.
  • Out with the Old: This isn't your Grand-dog's training.
  • A Two-Way Leash:  Listen to and Communicate WITH and your dog.
  • Obedience, Who Needs It?  YOU DO! Or your dog will never have it
  • Wag the Tail, Not the Dog: Train this First --even BEFORE "Sit".
  • Paw-erful and Paws-itive: Clickers, Reinforcers, and Beyond-ers.
  • Training Traps:  Preventing Pet Parent Pitfalls.
  • Doggie Darn-its!:  Solving problems by UNDERSTANDING them first.
  • Bark Up Our Tree: We shape our class to addrress your concerns.


Starting Off on the Right Paw
Great for Families With a New Dog or Considering Adotping One
  • A Best Friend Who's Best for You:  The Needs of the Breeds. Family dynamics.
  • Picking the Pick of the Litter: Puppy Aptitude Tests and Predictions.
  • Bringing Home Baby: Monitoring health. Establishing boundaries and routines.
  • The 1,2,3's of Numbers 1 & 2:  Potty training facts, myths, and best methods.
  • Health and Happiness:  Nature and Nurture. Setting a positive tone.
  • 100 people, 100 dogs, 100 days:  The importance of proper socialization.
  • Your Child with Your New Child:  Positive growth for both pup and child.
  • Next Steps:  Puppy adolescence and beyond.


The Most Fun You Can Have On Four Legs!
Discover the Amazing World of Agility Training!
  • Personalites with Potential: Choosing a Canine Partner. 
  • The Pre-game Show:  Builidng your Team on a solid foundation.
  • First Steps for Fancy Steps:  Come-Go, Spins, Turns, and Leg Weaves.
  • Where the Paws Meet The Course:  Obstacles, Jumps, and Tunnels.
  • Moving Up to Varsity:  The Teeter, Table, Weave Poles, and Beyond.
  • Heading Off To Show Off:  Competitions, Rules, and Agility Ettiquitte.
Your Canine-Einstien
Tricks that will Bow-WOW You!
  • Your Dog's Bag of Tricks Breed strengths, the right tricks for your Dog.
  • Nose for Training:  Smell it-Find it, Find a Person, Take a Message.
  • Tricks are For Kids:  Hide and Seek, Jump Rope, Ring Around The Rover.
  • Tricks with Class:  Spelling, Foreign Languages, and Flash Cards.
  • Super-Dog to the Rescue:  Smoke Alarm, Untie Me, Bark at Intruders.
  • Dog-gone Amazing:  Walk Yourself, Show Me, Find Lincoln, and Calculus (Yes, Calculus)
Dog Rescue: The Greatest Mutual Gift
We Do Not Profit from this Course.  All Proceeds Are Donated to the ASPCA
  • You, The Hero:   Accepting and Honoring the Commitment 
  • The Right Rescue:  Your Rescuing Strengths, Understanding the Rescue Partnership.
  • Safety First:  Partnership with a Veternarian, Critical needs, Nourishing the Starved.
  • The Cautious Canine:  First Steps, Acclimations, Calming the Fears.
  • Opening the Hope:  Calming signals, Communication, First Contacts.
  • Building an Alliance:  Earning Trust and Re-socializing with other people.
  • Fostering Finding an appropriate, loving home for the saved.

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