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Strange but True...

No Dogs Allowed!!


Try teaching a group of hyper 5-year-olds... in a room full of toys and you’ll get an idea of how chaotic a group dog class can be.  Most dogs in these classes are disobedient –that’s why they’re in the class. Very little learning can take place in such a distracting, hard-to-control environment. We believe our approach is better, and our impressive results prove it.
Our main objective is to “Train the Trainer” --and that means YOU. 

Most programs focus on the dog; but YOUR training is just as important.  How well do you think you could learn from a teacher who taught using only stern, intimidating commands?  Worse, what if those commands were barked at you in a language you don’t understand and by a person unable to understand you?  Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of  "training" most dogs have to endure.

We advocate gentle, humane, postive reinforcement training techniques.

It's shocking but true:  There remain far too many trainers who rely on punitive, frightening, and hurtful methods in dog training.  Such "dominating," so-called "Pack-Leader" philosophies are even promoted in popular culture. All dogs (and students) learn differently and we teach a variety of methods.  All of them, however, are founded on gentle, humane, and positive principles. Our use of these methods results in much more than just a well trained dog.  They also help build a deeper, more loving bond between pet and parent.

We don’t just teach you how to train; we help you become the best parent your dog can have.

Our training is comprehensive and includes both in-depth, specific discussions as well as a “big-picture” approach.  Before he or she can learn, your dog must first be happy, healthy, and well adjusted.  That's why our classes include general care-taking techniques such as basic first aid, diet, common ailments, and healthy habits.  We teach you how to train; but our main goal is for you to become better companion to your pet.  It's our proven philosophy and exactly as our motto states:  

We Train Owners to be Better so Their Dogs can be the BEST.

 Our mission is helping our clients unlock a deeper, more rewarding relationship with their "Best Friends."